Monday, August 27, 2012

Dare to believe God!

I love to read and write, it gives one the power to be anything they want to be and be wild(not in the bad way per se) with your imaginations....
I found that I began to loose this zeal when I felt God abandoned me; this was due to a lot of things that I had encounetered in my life in the past one year. I felt low, forgotten, without purpose and I really was very confused.
All in all, I realized that life is nothing without God. It's in Him I live, I move and have my being!  I may be sad and unhappy, maybe even angry at God, but as long as I still have breath in me, I must not give up!

Maybe, some of the things I experienced were for my own good because the bible said that 'all things work together for good to them that love God, who are called according to His Ppurpose' Romans 8:28.....It maybe that God allowed this whole drama for a better reason, which will be revealed in the future.

I have learned to live everyday like my last! Love with abundance, laugh hard, live with a purpose and cherish every moment.  Life without God is really useless and empty.

So I do hope if you read this, and you have found yourself in any terrible situatuion that made you loose hope...realize that you can still live again. Don't throw in the towel...get up from that ground, dust yourself, buckle up, and keep it moving...who knows, you may just be the next big thing the world is waiting for to tell his/her story!

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